Bruce Houck - Education Administrator and Grant Writer

Bruce Houck

An educator for more than 35 years and a superintendent for 26 years, Bruce Houck serves as superintendent of the Southwest Educational Cooperative in Hendricks, Minnesota. He accepted this role in 2015 and since that time has leveraged his experience as a grant writer to develop and direct $3.6 million in grant funding. Similarly, in his previous role as superintendent for the Russell-Tyler-Ruthton public schools, Bruce Houck wrote and secured both federal and state grants worth more than 6.5 million used to enrich educational programming.

In his 14 years with Russell-Tyler-Ruthton, Bruce Houck consolidated the three districts with 80 percent public approval and developed a school governance plan that met the needs of three communities. He came to this role following service as superintendent for Webster Public Schools and previously as superintendent and elementary principal of Bonesteel/Fairfax Public Schools. There, he secured grant funding for two bilingual education programs which allowed children in kindergarten through sixth grade to learn English language skills and video production by making movies for the community.

Bruce Houck received his education specialist (Ed.S.) from North Dakota State University, where he completed his dissertation on bilingual education through the Standing Rock Reservation. Successful in creating software that taught the Dakota language to students, Mr. Houck worked with community elders to teach a cross-generational class that he then presented to the U.S. Department of Education.